Feel The McLovin’ WIth Free Mcdonalds

Feeling hungry and loving at the same time? Good news if you love Big Macs – and you’re American! The US branch of the iconic burger chain will launch a new campaign (starting on Superbowl Sunday) where random customers will be given the chance to pay for their meal by showing love, by calling a loved one, hugging their family member or dancing with Macca’s … Continue reading Feel The McLovin’ WIth Free Mcdonalds

Love, From Future You

Love, From Future You is a collaborative approach to mental heath discussion and it has been set up by two lovely girls, Media Maker Cassie Delaney and fellow Mental Health Campaigner Aoife Price. Love, From Future You was established when both Cassie and Aoife wanted to create an something that was authentic, genuine and relatedable where many people can contribute to. If you like to … Continue reading Love, From Future You