” I can’t undo being your Dad. ”

Meet The Rhodes Brothers They run a popular YouTube channel where they share creative videos about their lives as teenagers, some aspiring models and funny lists about everything from being from the Midwest to pros and cons of being a twin. But their most recent video is very quite different and a lot, lot more personal. In it they share that they’re both gay and … Continue reading ” I can’t undo being your Dad. ”

Love, From Future You

Love, From Future You is a collaborative approach to mental heath discussion and it has been set up by two lovely girls, Media Maker Cassie Delaney and fellow Mental Health Campaigner Aoife Price. Love, From Future You was established when both Cassie and Aoife wanted to create an something that was authentic, genuine and relatedable where many people can contribute to. If you like to … Continue reading Love, From Future You

Young boy saves 12-year-old classmate from becoming a child bride

LAST YEAR, SUMIT was preparing for his marriage to a girl from his village. However, before the day arrived, he decided marriage wasn’t for him… just yet. Sumit was 13 years old. In his small village in Nepal, child marriage is the norm. “I used to like a girl from my school and we decided to get married because we thought that was what should … Continue reading Young boy saves 12-year-old classmate from becoming a child bride