RTE has 200 hours of film showing mistreatment of care home residents

A still from RTE’s documentary airing.
A RTE reporter has said that they recorded nearly 200 hours of footage of care home residents being mistreated at a facility in Co Mayo.
An edition of Prime Time will feature footage shot by an undercover reporter in ‘Bungalow 3’ within Aras Attracta in Swinford, Co Mayo, which looks after adults with intellectual disabilities.
The HSE has already reacted by launching an investigation and saying it is considering using undercover inspectors in creches and care homes.
Reporter with the RTE Investigations Unit, Barry O’Kelly, says they recorded a huge amount of footage, and some of it is very worrying.
He said: “It is well over 190 hours. There were regular incidents where people were being shouted at, people were being threatened and intimidated.
“There were also incidents where residents were slapped, pushed, shoved, kicked and force-fed.”
The Psychiatric Nurses Association says it would support undercover HSE staff in care homes and creches.
General Secretary with the Psychiatric Nurses Association, Noel Giblin who worked at Aras Attracta until 2010, says the union would support the presence of undercover HSE staff.
He said: “I think that is probably what we are going to need, that is the reality.
“If you look at Atracta as a prime example, Hiqa (The Health Information and Quality Authority) came in found problems, they asked for recommendations, and the recommendations were put in place. Hiqa came back, they found no problems.
“So what we learned there is that Hiqa would never have found the problems that were there because the reality that people knew they were being watched the day Hiqa was there.”
The distressing scenes will show residents at part of the Aras Attracta facility being verbally abused, kicked, slapped and force-fed.

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