The iPhone 6 Bend Test

It was only a matter of time before the monstrosity known as the iPhone 6 Plus started causing problems. Today, word is getting out that the 5.5-inch phone may be vulnerable to bending of some sort.

The phones are bending, and they’re not supposed to bend. They bend because people are putting them in their pockets, then sitting down, which is a reasonable thing to do.

Here are some quick videos showing you how fragile the iPhone 6 can be!

7 thoughts on “The iPhone 6 Bend Test

  1. When your thumb turns white and your hands tremble like a kitten from the force you’re exerting; I think we might have to re-evaluate whether the iPhone has a bending problem. It seems to have more of a “grown man using all his strength to try and fuck it up” problem, and not much tech stands up to that. If you throw your laptop in a swimming pool, it doesn’t have a backstroke problem.


  2. Good thing I didn’t buy one. I’m available for an upgrade, but I am just going from the 5 to the 5s. The new iPhones are too curvy on the sides, making it more likely to slip out of your hand…plus the camera protrudes outward.


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