The Dark Side Of The Internet Today

These days, the internet is a place of learning and entertainment but sometimes nasty, cruel comments can surface which may be untrue and can affect ones business, family and well-being. Last week a horrible review was written about a local hostel in my hometown called Finnegan’s hostel. Without meeting the owners or seeing the hostel, I commented on a fellow bloggers post about this hostel and shared it on my Facebook page. I would like to retract what I have said. I apologise to the owner, I was too rash. Today I met the owner of the hostel in question and I have to say that she runs a fine, lovely hostel that I would have no problem recommending. The owner I found to be a very welcoming and pleasant lady who also runs a very nice Tea Room and fine Restaurant. I hope I can be used as an example of what not to do online. I again sincerely apologise to the owners.


8 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of The Internet Today

  1. Nice blog! I totally agree, the internet can be a nasty place. I actually write a whole blog all about bad comment platforms. Would greatly appreciate it if you checked it out!


  2. Many decades ago, my wise old grandmother cautioned me that if I was angry at someone, do not call them. Go see them in person, and preferably have a meal with them. She knew what she was talking about. It’s the same in today’s Internet world. When people can hide behind a telephone receiver or a computer monitor, they don’t mind being really nasty sometimes.

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  3. Should be all be more self critic with our actions and make up for our mistakes, this would be a much better place to live in. There is no shame in saying I overstepped or I did/said something wrong. No shame at all. Thanks!

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  4. You are showing courage by admitting your mistake on your blog, so well done on that. We all make rash decisions sometimes and don’t think about how it can affect others. This is especially true on the internet and it’s the reason why I’ve stopped sharing pictures, stories, videos etc. on Facebook. Most of them are hoaxes anyway or can have severe consequences, there are humans behind each story. Thanks for sharing!

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