Man Fakes Kidnapping So He Can Keep Partying

A party goer who told his girlfriend he had been kidnapped and held to ransom for £50 so he could stay out partying was found at a house in Bolton after a police manhunt.

The woman called her 32-year-old boyfriend who was told by the person who answered that a £50 ransom had to be paid for him to return home.

An extensive police investigation was then launched as houses were searched, before a man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap.

He told officers it was a ‘ruse’ so the man could continue drinking, and was subsequently released without charge.

The ‘kidnapped’ man was then found at a house on Shurmer Street at about 1.20am on Saturday August 23 where he told officers it was a ‘wind up’.

He was arrested and given a fixed penalty notice for wasting police time.

Detective Inspector Jo Clawson, said: “The man’s girlfriend was absolutely beside herself with worry and genuinely concerned that he would come to harm.

“Rightfully, based on what she knew at the time, the matter was reported to police.

“Considerable resources and time then went into finding this man, who it transpires made the entire thing up so he could stay out and party.

“This is without doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents I have been involved in.”

The extensive enquiry, which involved more than a dozen police officers, consisted of house to house questioning, checking of CCTV in the Daubhill area where the man had been earlier and analysis of mobile telephone with a view to trying to locate him.

The girlfriend made the call to police after she received a text that said her boyfriend would be home shortly but when she spoke to him again not long after he said he was being held against his will.

Detective Inspector Clawson added: “Significant resources were taken off the front line on a Friday night, which is without exception, one of the busiest times of the week.

“He is fortunate not to have been charged, but to put together a file of evidence and put him through the court system would incur even more cost to the taxpayer.

“We feel we have wasted enough time and resources on him already and not only has he been fined, this matter will be recorded as a criminal conviction on his record.”

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