Heartmelting Timelapse Captures Premature Baby’s First 80 Days of Life!

Erika and Jared Pruett became proud parents to their son Walker Colt Pruett in April of this year. The tiny little boy was born at just 26 weeks, so his parents decided to keep a daily blog of his progress while in the NICU.

Walker’s progress was also captured by the founder of the non-profit organization Capturing Hopes Photography, Deneen Bryan, whose company provide families photos of children in the hospital free of charge.

Bryan took the photos from Walker’s time in the hospital and created this beautiful time lapse of Walker’s first 80 days of life. Walker’s mom, Erika spoke of Bryan saying:

“She was excellent to us. She actually chose him as one of her ‘100 day babies,’ because he was so little that they were estimating he would be (in NICU) around 100 days. She came every single day that he was in the NICU and took a picture of him. After we left the NICU, she did a photoshoot with us. She gave us the complete rights to all those pictures.”
The amount of the support the new parents have received is amazing, receiving both thousands in fundraising events and this beautiful video chronicling the beginning of their son’s life.

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