What is Love?

What is love? Somebody please tell me because no matter how hard I try, or how hard I look, I just cannot don’t it. Is love the warm fuzzy feeling we get when were holding that special someone. Or the feeling we get when we know that person is only thinking of you? I really don’t know. Does sex mean Love? Devoting your mind body and soul that one person? I really don’t know. There’s certain things I do now. Some telltale signs that what you had was most certainly love. If you were in love and were too stupid to realise like myself. Then one way to know for sure is to see that someone with somebody else. Or see share something with someone else which you thought was only yours! If you have experienced this feeling then I am truly sorry you had to experience this hurt. What I can tell you though is that things can only go up hill from here. Yeah you may have your few summer flings but now this time when you do find that special someone, you will know what love is and you’ll hold onto that someone with all your might. Yeah there might be a few fights along the way. If there’s not lads I can only tell you one thing (congrats you’ve hit the jackpot) and remember everyone love is never blind, only obstructed x
Aaron Murphy
(The Love Guru)

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