Love Is Never Blind

Taking a break from the usual humorous side of things I thought it would be a good time to look at love with the fault in our stars running through the box office and teenagers far and wide including Dylan and Myself walking out with a broken hearts haha so I recently heard a story about a blind girl. She had a loving boyfriend, who was always there for her. The girl hated herself and everyone around, just because she was blind. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him. But she said: “If I could only see the world, I would marry you“.

One day someone had donated a pair of eyes to this girl and after an operation she could see everything. But when her loving boyfriend came to her and asked: “Will you marry me now?“, she just looked at him with disdain, as she could see now that he was blind too. Thus she refuse to marry him. He walked away full of sadness and later wrote a short letter of few words to her:

“Just take care of my eyes darling“.


3 thoughts on “Love Is Never Blind

  1. I gasped when I read the last part…it was a thought provoking one. Oh, and thank you for the follow. Your blog is a pretty fun one 🙂


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