Throwback Thursday: Pizza Hut Manager Caught Peeing in Sink

When customers ask for a pizza with “the works,” they probably never think to ask, “but hold the pee.” They might now after a former West Virginia Pizza Hut district manager was caught on camera urinating into the kitchen sink of one of the franchises he oversaw.

In the video, the man is seen working at a computer in a restaurant’s kitchen with his back to the sink. After a moment, he turns around, makes a downward motion with his hand towards his crotch and bends towards the sink. A visible stream emits from him into the basin.

Finishing, he flips the water on and off, grabs a lidded cup from the counter and returns to facing the store computer.

“We are embarrassed by the actions of this individual,” said Pizza Hut spokesman Doug Terfehr. “The restaurant has been closed permanently.”

The employee was also fired, he said, adding that the incident, which violated company operating standards, happened when the store was closed and involved no food tampering.

The unnerving footage is the latest fast-food foul-up to go viral.

In 2008, Burger King fired an employee whom security cameras recorded taking a bath in the kitchen sink. A year later, video surfaced of a Domino’s worker putting his snot into pizza while egged on by another employee. And in 2013, the Internet went atwitter over a photo of Taco Bell employee licking a tall stack of taco shells, as well as one of a Wendy’s employee slurping straight from a Frosty machine.

From February 2014

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