RNLI in dramatic lifeboat rescue – for a Mickey Mouse balloon

Mickey Mouse has been plucked safely from the sea off Bray in a dramatic lifeboat rescue after several callers said they thought they saw a person plunge into the water.

Seven rescuers from the Dun Laoghaire RNLI crew sprang into action when the 999 calls came in yesterday evening to the Irish Coast Guard that something had been seen crashing into the water about a 1 km off the Bray seafront.

But after a search of the area near the cliffs of Shanganagh they found a giant Mickey Mouse balloon floating in the sea.

The RNLI say that paragliding is popular in the area and there were fears at first that what was seen was a paraglider in difficulty.

The RNLI were happy that people responded to seeing something crash to the sea and report it, and did not look at the incident as a waste of time.

“We’re happy that this was a call made with good intent and calling 999 and asking for coast rescue is always the best course of action. And in this case, we were particularly happy to assist Mickey Mouse, one of the all-time favourite cartoon characters,” said Stephen Wynne of Dun Laoghaire lifeboat.

They posted pictures of the crew posing with the Disney favourite as they brought him back to land.

It is thought that a stiff coastal breeze blew the balloon out to sea from land, but where it came from was not know.

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