Man sues British Airways after booking for Granada, but flying to Grenada

An American man is suing British Airways after he got on a plane he thought was heading for the Spanish city of Granada, but ended up in the Caribbean island of Grenada.
The Independent reports that Edward Gamson only realised his mistake once the flight was in the air and he and his partner glanced at the map they have at the front of the plane which shows you which way you’re headed.
And they were not headed in the right direction.


Well, Mr Gamson allegedly booked his flight tickets through a BA agent in Florida, and the electronic confirmation they received stated the destination as ‘Grenada’, but didn’t show the country or flight time.
The couple showed up at the airport, got on the plane looking forward to their Moorish getaway, dreaming of the Alhambra, but they never got there.
Despite an apology from British Airways and despite being told that they would be put on a plane to Granada (that’s GRANada), they never got there.
They’re now suing BA for damages, as the airline is refusing to reimburse him.
Incredibly, the same mistake had been made the week before too. The Daily Mail reports that a 62-year-old woman found herself on a flight from Gatwick to Grenada, when she really wanted to go to Granada.

2 thoughts on “Man sues British Airways after booking for Granada, but flying to Grenada

  1. People need to read their flight confirmation carefully….and learn how to spell the name of the city they want to go to.. Good for BA for refusing to reimburse.


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