Finding and Giving Help

Don’t be afraid, too shy or too proud to talk about your problems or feelings.

Talking about your problems and feelings is natural and nobody should try to stop you showing your emotions or asking for help when you need it.
Deciding who to talk to is the first step. If you can’t talk to anyone you know, visit a doctor or counseller and tell them how you feel.
If you work up the courage to talk to someone and they are unable to help or don’t help you, then try again and keep trying until you get the support you deserve. It might help to talk to a support organisation like Samaritans.
If you’re feeling down, angry, upset or depressed, then talking about your feelings can help you to work through your emotions.
Actually saying what’s wrong and hearing someone else talk about it can put a whole new perspective on things. The person you talk to might also suggest options that you had not thought of before.
Talking about your feelings can be a huge relief. If you aren’t able to say how you are feeling, then try writing everything down and giving it to a friend, family member or doctor.
If you bottle up your feelings, then emotions and tough situations can seem overwhelming. Don’t try to manage everything by yourself; there are people willing to help you get through ANY situation.
See the help section for information on some of the main support organisations and services available.
See the information on talking to a doctor for tips on how to ask for help.

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